Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Microwave Air Fryer Combo

The Microwave Air Fryer Combo is the best and most necessary appliance in the modern kitchen. The air fryer is a great way to cook food at home and it’s one of the most popular ways to prepare foods like chicken and fries.

You can cook many tasty recipes with a microwave air fryer combo. However, there are so many different models on the market that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite air fryers to help you for easy decisions. This is an easy way to find the perfect microwave oven air fryer for your kitchen.

How an Air Fryer works

You may be wondering how an air fryer works. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses superheated air to cook food without oil, fat, or other fats.

The result? Crispy, golden brown fries or chicken wings without the added calories and sodium found in traditional cooking methods such as deep-frying or pan-frying. Air frying also allows you to control the temperature of your food by adjusting the speed at which it cooks.

So no more burned potatoes or undercooked chicken wings. Air frying has many benefits over traditional cooking methods like baking. It doesn’t require any oil, foods don’t get soggy.

There’s no need for messy clean-up afterward (the best part). It’s just about as fast as boiling water for those times when you need something hot stat because life happens fast sometimes but we still want our food served hot asap.

Things you should know before buying an air fryer

When you are in the market for buying purpose of microwave oven air fryer. There are a few things you must be known to purchase the best piece for you.

TOSHIBA 3-in-1 Countertop Microwave Oven-compressed
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Space of your kitchen

The most important thing at the top of the list is space in your kitchen. You must check the size of the appliance that you are buying. Is the size according to your kitchen size/space?

Maybe you purchase a model that is large in the size and you own a less space kitchen. Perfect appliance for the perfect kitchen is the ideal policy. Always consider first the kitchen and appliance size before making any purchase.

Price of microwave air fryer

Before buying any appliance for your home and kitchen, always check the price of an appliance. Check the price is it affordable for you?

Is the price affording for you to buy that appliance which one you decided to buy? Is that model perfect and according to your usage?

Brand and model

Which model you are going to buy for your kitchen according to your requirement? Always must be checked perfection of the model number is the same as that you were like to purchase.

Same as checking the brand name of that appliance also. Because there is so many brand name available in the market.


When you finalize any microwave air fryer combo model and brand for your kitchen. Must check reviews of the customers that are already using the same.

This is the tip that can help you to find a perfect piece of microwave oven air fryer for you. Customer reviews are the perfect way to find the pros and cons of any product.


Check the appliance that how to use it. You must be familiar with the brand and model. How to use the appliance is most important to save you from any loss or possible injury.

Read the user manual carefully before operating the microwave oven air fryer.

Here is the list of air fryers that we find for you.

1- Panasonic flash Xpress toaster oven with double infrared heating

This Panasonic flash Xpress toaster oven with double infrared heating is a great choice for anyone who wants to bake, grill, and toast at the same time.

It has a slim design that fits nicely on your countertop and it’s easy to clean up after you’ve finished cooking.

The double infrared heating technology means that there is no need for preheating when using this oven. You can just put your food in the oven and let it do everything.

Plus, because of its convection cooking feature, this oven makes sure everything cooks evenly, no matter what meat or vegetable you’re cooking (or if they’re frozen). They’ll be cooked perfectly every time.

Panasonic Microwave Air Fryer Combo
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Finally, this unit comes equipped with two racks so you can easily cook multiple items without having them overlap each other or mess up their own space within the pan itself.

Plus there are 6 preset functions in the air fryer that is, bake, broil, toast, reheat, quick defrost, reheat pizza bagels, and more.

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name Panasonic
  2. Removable 9-inch inner baking tray
  3. 1300 watts
  4. Silver color
  5. The capacity of the oven is 410 gallons
  6. Feature of digital auto shut off
  7. Dimensions are 5″d x 13.5″w x 13.75″h
  8. Easy to use
  9. Best value for money
  10. User friendly
  11. Trusted brand
  12. 2 infrared oven heating elements
  13. 6 different cooking functions for a wide range of cooking
  14. More than a toaster
  15. Prevention of overcooking and burning
  16. Fit for anywhere
  17. Perfect for any kitchen countertop
  18. Affording price
  19. Easy to clean

Customer Reviews About Panasonic flash Xpress toaster oven

Megan Morrow Reviewed:

Wow. I’m so glad I only trust the reviews on here because this Panasonic toaster is AWESOME. My husband and I can’t believe how fast this little thing is and how evenly it cooks everything.

It’s extremely easy to use, the user manual is very clear and easy to read, and it doesn’t take up much counter space. It’s incredibly versatile and you can tell the design was well thought out.

We’re finally done replacing all those cheap Hamilton or Black and Decker toaster ovens that break after a few months. We use this for different things every day because it’s so quick and easy. I highly recommend you try this oven!

2- TOSHIBA EM131A5C-BS Countertop Microwave Ovens 

The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS countertop 1.2 cubic feet microwave oven is a great option for anyone who wants to make food more quickly. Toshiba is a brand name that’s a sign of quality.

It has a large capacity, so you can make more than one meal at once. Its 10 different power settings allow you to customize the time and temperature of your food, allowing it to be cooked quickly or stretched out over longer periods of time.

The oven also has an automatic cooking function that allows users to set it up before placing their food inside. So all of the settings are preset according to the user’s needs. This saves time as well.

This Toshiba microwave oven also comes with toast, defrost and reheat options along with turntable functionality (which allows users to rotate foods during cooking).

TOSHIBA Countertop Microwave Ovens
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

There are also features such as child lock technology which prevents young children from accidentally setting off alarms by pressing buttons on their own or trying out other appliances around the house like microwaves themselves.

Its stainless steel body makes it easy to clean. The combination of convection cooking and microwave oven is its pros. You can cook food, pizza, potato, and vegetable with the best result with its pre-programmed function.

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name Toshiba
  2. Dimensions 20.51 x 17.14 x 12.83 inch (w x d x h)
  3. Color stainless steel
  4. 1.2 cubic feet capacity
  5. Humidity sensor
  6. Convection function
  7. Pre-programmed function
  8. Countertop installation
  9. 1100 watts
  10. Stainless steel material
  11. 10 power settings
  12. Easy-read control panel
  13. Power saving eco mode
  14. Child safety lock
  15. Auto bake and auto roast
  16. Easy to use
  17. Customer satisfaction
  18. 120 volts
  19. Black exterior
  20. 3 in 1 oven
  21. Warranty 1 year
  22. Multi-function

Customer Reviews About TOSHIBA Countertop Microwave Oven

Aaron R. Deutsch Reviewed:


  1. Pull handle is easier to use than push button door opener
  2. Wi-Fi at home keeps working while the microwave is on
  3. Defrost setting is pretty good, especially for meat
  4. Stainless steel design matches several generations of other kitchen appliances
  5. Price


  1. Popcorn requires multiple button presses to set “weight” rather than pressing a single button. Also, there is no facility for US-size popcorn bags. I just press
    “2” for 2 minutes
  2. Ice-blue interior light irritates the eye compared to warmer colors
  3. With my old microwave, the heat comes out with a “click” rather than a “knock”. This ‘feels’ cheaper and seems to fail with less usage, but time will tell
  4. The power cable protrudes, requiring a right-angle cable adapter to push the drive far enough into the case. Make sure you get one that can handle the power.
  5. Are the buttons too “capacitive”? They have to be pressed in a certain way to register the touch. Could be more careless and laisser-faire with my old device

Despite my mixed reviews, I’m still fairly happy with the purchase, and given the other options on the market, I’d probably still go for this one if I did would have to do it again.

3. Black+Decker EM031MB11 Digital Microwave Oven

The Black+Decker EM031MB11 digital microwave oven is a 1.1 cu ft capacity, 1000w microwave, and air fryer combo that comes with 10 different power levels and 7 preset cooking functions.

It helps you to choose from including french toast, pizza, chicken nuggets, and much more. You can also use the auto reheat presets which will keep your food warm until you’re ready to eat it.

Or reheat items that have been frozen. In addition to all of these features, there are auto-defrost presets, so you can set up everything ahead of time without worrying about overcooking anything.

BLACK+DECKER digital Microwave Oven
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand black+Decker
  2. Black color
  3. Child safety lock
  4. 9 cubic feet capacity
  5. Best and perfect for residential use
  6. 10 different power levels
  7. Defrost frozen food easily
  8. Auto function
  9. Relax after setting it on
  10. Digital clock
  11. Easy to use
  12. Fit for small spaces
  13. Prevention from accidental usage
  14. 30 seconds express cooking
  15. Large led digital display
  16. Easy to clean
  17. Easy access door with push button
  18. Dimensions (w x d x h): 20.2” x 15.6” x 12.1”
  19. Removable 12.4” glass turntable
  20. Interior light

Customer Reviews About Black+Decker

4- Samsung MC11H6033CT 1.1 cu ft countertop convection microwave

The Samsung MC11H6033CT 1.1 cu ft countertop convection microwave has a 1.1cubic feet capacity, 0.9 cubic feet capacity, 0.6 cubic feet, and 0.5 cubic feet, and other capacities that you can choose from when you buy it online at amazon or Walmart or in-store at best buy or target.

Samsung brand name gives you quality satisfaction. Its 10 power levels give you the choice of defrosting. Child locks provide safety from accidental use. The drop-down door is a quality that makes Samsung unique.

Samsung Convection Microwave oven
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name Samsung
  2. Countertop convection microwave
  3. 1.1 cubic Ft. Capacity
  4. Slim fry technology
  5. Grilling element
  6. Ceramic enamel interior
  7. Drop down door
  8. Eco mode
  9. Stainless steel color
  10. 1000 watts
  11. Child lock
  12. 10 power levels
  13. Easy to use
  14. Best value for money

Customer Reviews About Samsung MC11H6033CT

TevaToes Reviewed:

It works well as a microwave but is noisier than any other microwave I’ve had in the past (including the micro/convection microwave I bought to replace it) And now the reason why I only used the micro function?

I just didn’t have time to go through the manual to figure out how to use the other functions. It’s not really very intuitive when it comes to usability. Although I knew it had a dial to set the time.

I didn’t realize how accustomed I had to only enter the time digitally. I know that sounds like a minor complaint, but you’d think that as technology advances in product design, we wouldn’t go backward.

I’ll add more when I have time to figure out the instructions for more features.

Alex Di Cenzo Reviewed:

EXCELLENT product! I had to move into an apartment for a short time and there wasn’t a microwave, so I thought I’d invest a few euros more and buy a combination device (so that I don’t have another “disposable microwave”).

I’m hoping to buy a home with a range hood. Microwave combo but that will definitely come with me and I’ll find a home somewhere! fast preheating and grilling function.

5-  Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOA-60 is the best choice if you still can not decide. Its beautiful design and color make it more attractive with top quality. Its special features are proof of its quality.

This is the premium air fryer and toaster oven that is 1800 watts. The Cuisinart TOA-60 is a 7-in-1 air fryer toaster oven that is equipped with a warming feature, baking, convection baking, and broiling with a wide temperature range.

The temperature range is up to 450oF. Its adjustable temperature dial range is 60 minutes which can work on auto shut off. Its large capacity helps to fry 3 pounds of chicken and bake a pizza of 12 inches easily.

Cuisinart 7-1 Convection Toaster Oven
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Air fryer
  2. Convection toaster oven
  3. Brand name Cuisinart
  4. 7-1 oven
  5. Bake, grill, broil & warm options
  6. Stainless steel
  7. Blushing coral color
  8. 3 pounds capacity
  9. Manual functions
  10. Dimensions 15.5″d x 16″w x 14″h
  11. 1800 watts
  12. Air fry setting plus toast
  13. Adjustable temperature dial
  14. 60 minutes timer
  15. Auto shut off
  16. 3 years limited warranty
  17. Nonstick
  18. Easy to clean
  19. Whisper quiet operation
  20. Energy efficient
  21. Durable

Customer Reviews About Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Lawrence Sloan Reviewed:

Before this one, we had the fancy digital version. This one is so much better, it’s so easy my young boy can’t even screw it up.

The Air Fry is no joke, you have to watch your stuff carefully or it will go from perfect to burnt to crispy in no time.

6- Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven Xl 20L

The Chefman air fryer oven is a revolutionary way to cook. It’s a perfect oven for healthy cooking. Its features make it an easy-to-use. So your food with ease, making this appliance ideal for crispier meats and vegetables.

This unit also comes with a variety of cooking functions, including defrosting and warming modes. The Chefman air fryer oven comes with a capacity of 20 liters with stainless steel material.

In fact, this is perfect for all your cooking needs. With its 1800w power rating, this product offers enough energy for even the largest meals without overheating or burning out easily.

This appliance is UL certified status which means it meets all safety standards required by law when using electricity around children or pets at home safely. Without risking danger from electrical shock due to improper use/maintenance practices.

chefman Microwave Air Fryer Combo
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name chefman
  2. Air fryer toaster oven
  3. Size xl 20L
  4. Healthy cooking & user friendly
  5. Countertop convection
  6. Bake & broil
  7. Cooking functions
  8. Auto shut-off
  9. 60 min timer
  10. Nonstick
  11. Stainless steel
  12. Cookbook included
  13. 1800 watts
  14. 120 volts
  15. UL certified
  16. Fit for 6 slices at the same time
  17. Long-lasting and durable
  18. 1-year assurance provided by chefman

Customer Reviews About Chefman Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Freebird Reviewed:

I put it in the corner of my small countertop, it doesn’t take up much space and looks nice. The microwave oven comfortably fits a 12-inch pizza.

It heats up quickly and requires no preheating and saves a lot of energy and time. The sides and top of the microwave get hot with use, but not too much.

I really like it and will use it often.

7- Kalorik® digital10-in-1 countertop toaster oven & air fryer combo

With the Kalorik oven, you can cook everything from chicken wings and french fries to pizza, breaded meats, and vegetables. This oven will give you even heating without the need for oil or fat in your meals.

Its powerful turbo technology gives you faster results up to 37%. It is also energy efficient up to 77% more than any traditional oven. This appliance is perfect for your kitchen and the best replacement for all other appliances.

Because of its maximum efficiency. It’s great to prepare a meal for a large family. The 26-quart capacity and multiple racks allow you to cook several foods at a time.

This model has 1500 watts of power output capacity yet still uses less energy than traditional models because they’re designed with smaller motors inside them instead of oversized ones which means less heat being generated overall.

But still providing enough power needed by most users who want something simple but effective while saving money at the same time.

Microwave Air Fryer Combo
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name kalorik
  2. Digital air fryer oven
  3. 26 quart
  4. 10-in-1 countertop toaster oven & air fryer combo
  5. 21-presets up to 500 degrees
  6. Includes 9 accessories & a cookbook
  7. Energy saving
  8. Powerful turbo max technology
  9. Wide variety of menu options   

Customer Reviews About Kalorik® countertop toaster oven

Kyla Reviewed:

8- Panasonic NN-SN686S microwave oven built-in inverter

The Panasonic microwave oven is the best choice for everyone. It has a high power of 1200 watts and a size of 1.2 cubic feet. Its inverter turbo technology gives you easy and fast defrosting.

This countertop microwave oven is a compact design with the best features. Easy to use function helps to prepare meals fast and delicious. Panasonic microwave ovens are sleek, stylish, and energy-efficient.

They’re also packed with many features that you won’t find in other ovens, including inverter technology that provides the best cooking results in the world.

Microwave Air Fryer Combo
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Size:18 x 2.5 x 14.5 inches
  2. Weight of the 5 pounds
  3. Brand name Panasonic
  4. Model: NN-SN686S
  5. Stainless steel material
  6. 2 cubic feet
  7. Countertop
  8. Advance turbo technology
  9. Touchscreen
  10. 1200 watt high power
  11. 13/4 inches thinner turntable
  12. More efficient
  13. Automatic sensor
  14. 120 volts
  15. 10 power level
  16. Child safety lock
  17. Easy to use
  18. Easy to clean
  19. Smart cooking settings

Customer Reviews About Panasonic NN-SN686S microwave oven

I had a Panasonic very similar to this one that blew out. This seems to be a common problem with ALL brands of microwave ovens…

None of them have perfect rating scores due to this or any other issue. There has been debate about buying a Panasonic again, but it still performs better than many other brands. So far the new one works perfectly. Very powerful, probably more than the last one. Let’s hope it has a longer lifespan.

9- Best air fryers on the market COSORI pro ii air fryer oven combo

The cosori pro ii air fryer is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-use air fryer. It comes with many features with customizable functions. The digital display with a timer is nice looking.

The digital display also helps to see the progress of your work. With the help of the cosori air fryer, you can save oil up to 85%.

You can say this is a new-generation air fryer with the best options. It is available in 3 materials that are aluminum, plastic, and metal. You can cook meals faster and crispy with its enhanced heating element.

With a customizable cooking function, you can save the flavor of the food. This is the most favorite air fryer in the online market that’s why too many people like it.

Microwave Air Fryer Combo
Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Why we love this microwave air fryer

  1. Brand name cosori
  2. Black color
  3. Custom shake reminder
  4. Customizable preset
  5. 8 quarts capacity
  6. Aluminum, plastic, and metal material
  7. Save time and temperature
  8. 20% faster
  9. 12 different cooking functions
  10. Cook almost everything
  11. With 100 option recipe book
  12. Dishwasher save
  13. PBA free
  14. Serve 3 to 5 people
  15. Customer satisfaction
  16. Non-stick

Customer Reviews About COSORI pro ii air fryer

KG Reviewed: First of all, I absolutely hate cooking. I don’t like the mess. This takes too long. My recipes never turn out the way they appear in the cookbooks and my kitchen is pretty terrible. I bought the Cosori Air Fryer a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been cooking happily every day, multiple times a day.

Just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go. walk. The detachable basket and tray are all you need to clean with soapy water before adding food.

The buttons are self-explanatory. They have a snowflake for frozen food, french fries for fries, bacon for bacon, and also preheat and keep warm.

Susi VZ Reviewed: This is my second Cosori. I have the 5.8 Pro with a metallic finish on the outer handle, base, and lid. Only bought this because I needed a new basket for my original Cosori and can’t find one.

I bought one that I thought was the right one but ended up going for this Cosori Pro II. So I bought the Cosori Pro II. Now I have two baskets for this device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who makes a microwave air fryer combo?

Ans: In our pick the Cuisinart 3 in 1 oven air fryer combo with the extra option of a compact. This is an appliance that is used in all of your kitchen needs. I am sure, you will love it.

Question: Is the air fryer combo worth it?

Yes, definitely it worth. These appliances are the most efficient and you can fry, bake and grill with the help of these.

Question: Can we buy an air fryer and microwave combined?

Ans: Yes, there is available a combination of microwave, air fryer, and conviction in 1 appliance. So you can use it for your meal purpose. The combi wave 3 in 1 is a brand that is manufacturing this combination.

Question: Which air fryer combo is the best option?

Ans: There are various brands and models available in the market and some of them are very easy to use and best in quality and reasonably affordable price.

But we have 3 of them that are best on our list.

  • Cosori pro II air fryer oven combo

  • Toshiba EC042A5C-SS countertop microwave oven

  • Panasonic flashxpress toaster oven with double infrared heating

Question: Can we put aluminum foil in the microwave air fryer combo?

Ans: Yes/ you can put aluminum foil in the microwave air fryer. The microwave air fryer is safe to use with aluminum foil.

Question: What is the difference between a microwave air fryer and a convection microwave?

Ans: You can cook similar food with the conviction microwave, but a large capacity of food can be cooked in the conviction microwave than a standard air fryer.

Question: Is a microwave air fryer better than an air fryer?

Ans: Yes, because a microwave air fryer takes less time to cook any food instead of the air fryer. There is the main difference in time-saving. A microwave air fryer can save time up to 5 times more than an air fryer.

Question: Is it safe for health to cook in a microwave and air fryer?

Ans: Air fryers and microwaves can cook food healthier than any traditional microwave. It uses less oil for cooking so you can say these appliances provide oil-free food or less/minimum oil food.

Question: What are the disadvantages of an air fryer?

Ans: For a large family, an air fryer can not cook food because mostly air fryers can only cook 1-3 pounds of food at once.

Question: Which things cant be put in an air fryer?

Ans:  The things that cannot be put in the air fryer are given below:

  1. Avoid wet battered food placed in the air fryer.
  2. Leafy greens to avoid placing in the air fryer like fresh spinach.
  3. Entire/whole roast because it will not fit in the air fryer.
  4. Fried cheese, will melt and become a mess in the puddle if put without the sort of any coating.
  5. Pasta and rice(raw grains).
  6. Grill red meat like hamburgers.
  7. Toast, because the air fryer is would not toast a piece of bread if all hot air depressed.
  8. Popcorn because the air fryer could not get enough hot that is suitable for popcorn.



As we have seen, there are many different brands and models of air fryers on the market. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. So it’s important to do your research before making any purchases.

Make sure that you read reviews about what customers thought about their favorite products. Because they are using them already. So that when you go shopping for yours it can be an easy decision.

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