How to Make Soft Ice

How to Make Soft Ice

How to make soft ice is the article in which I am going to tell you the best ways to make the ice soft. Soft ice and nugget ice are the same name of ice. Soft ice is easy to chew and crush, that’s why it’s becoming more popular these days.

There are some more things that the soft ice is going more likely by everyone. Most likely, it observes the taste of the drink easily.

How to Make Soft Ice

Easy Way to Make Soft ice

Soft ice is a chewable texture that is ideal for snow cone making, making cocktails, and more. Usually, soft ice is used for commercial establishments but it is very easy to make soft ice at home.

How to Make Soft Ice

There are different ways to make soft and delicious ice. The most common of them are:

  1. Putting the sugar in the water to get soft and sweet ice
  2. Using a nugget ice tray
  3. To include the carbonated water
  4. Use soda and get the sweet soft ice
  5. Using a water bottle
  6. Nugget ice machine
  7. An ice shaver
  8. Use the blender
  9. Manual smashing, use Muddler which is also an easy way to get soft ice
  10. Lewis Bag

The ice that you simply make at home is hard, also if you crush it in the blender, its cubes are also hard surfaces.

How to Make Soft Ice

1- Putting The Sugar In The Water

To make soft and sweet ice at home you have to add some sugar to the water and then freeze it for soft delicious ice. Just take care that mix sugar in the hot water and mixed it well before freezing. Also, add the sugar to the water very carefully according to your taste and requirements. Too much sugar in the water is hard to freeze also.

How to Make Soft Ice

Because the sugar crystals stop water molecules to form a strong relationship and in the result, the ice gets softer. To melt the ice without salt the sugar is the only way.

2- Using A Nugget Ice Tray

While using a small nugget ice tray you can make soft ice easily and it is also time-saving because of faster freezing.

How to Make Soft Ice

Making ice cubes in the small nugget ice tray can be small in size, soft and easy to chew. There is no need to add anything else, that’s why it’s cheaper.

3- Include the Carbonated Water for Soft Ice

Including carbonated water for making soft ice is the best way and it’s an easy way to get soft ice cubes. This is simple water that is carbonated without any flavor.

Only use a fresh and unopened bottle of carbonated water. Because an open bottle won’t give you a better experience. As a result, you can’t get soft cubes of ice.

Fill the cube tray half with carbonated water to get soft ice cubes. If you want any flavor just add flavored water to the tray.

How to Make Soft Ice

4- Using Soda For the Sweet Soft Ice Cubes

Using soda is the best method to get sweet and soft ice cubes. As the carbonated water ice cube method fill the ice cube tray half with soda to get better results.

Don’t fill the cube tray fully because the soda-mixed ice cubes expand more than simple water cubes.

Everyone likes different types of soda. You can use your own choice like me, my choice is coke.

How to Make Soft Ice

5- Using a Water Bottle For SOFT Ice

With the help of a water bottle, you can make soft ice also. Just add some water to the water bottle and put the bottle in the freezer. Wait for up to 1.5 to 3 hours, then the freezing process is started.

Take out the bottle and see the small particles are making ice, but still, it is not ice. Shake or hit the bottle to the bottom and see the water converted into ice in front of your eyes.

6- Using a Nugget Ice Machine

To make soft ice you can also be used a nugget ice machine. The ice cubes are made with the nugget ice machine very easily. More soft ice cubes can make in a fascinating way with the nugget ice machine.

The nugget ice machine creates small and soft ice cubes perfectly. The nugget size small cubes are liked by many people because they are easy to chew and extremely soft.

7- Use An Ice Shaver

An ice shaver is also can be used to shave the ice. Its sharp blades shave the ice from the frozen block. The ice shaver is available in two types, manual and electric power operated.

Make Soft Ice with ice shaver

Its blades shave the ice with less effort very easily and in less time. If you are using a manual ice shaver just turn its handle and the blades work for you.

8- Using a Blender for Crush Ice Cubes

You can use a blender to crush ice cubes. Just put the ice cubes in the blender and power on the blender. Be careful about your blender and whether your blender is suitable for ice-crushing or not.

Make Soft Ice with blender

For that purpose read the user manual carefully. If the blender consists of a plastic body jug, then don’t use it for ice-crushing. Because if you do so, the blender can be damaged. Use a blender for ice crushing that’s jug is a glass body. So there is less risk of loss.

9- Use a Muddler For Soft Ice

Ice cubes glass and muddler

If you want to crush a small amount of ice then, The muddler can also be used as the best option. The muddler can be plastic, metal, or wooden.

Fell the cubes in the glass and firmly press them with a muddler. Rotate the muddler up to 6 times or continue till the ice is crushed.

10- Lewis Bag To Crush Ice

Put the ice cubes in the Lewis bag for crushing purposes. The Lewis bag should be high quality that could not tear/break while hitting/crushing the ice.

Then use the rolling pin and hit the ice cubes that are inside the Lewis bag. Hit the cubes until their desired shape occurs.


Making soft ice cubes is very easy and not a hard job at home. Some of the common and manual methods are here to help all of you. But if you want to get soft ice effortlessly, the investment in a soft ice maker is the best option.

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