How To Silence A Microwave

How To Silence A Microwave

How to silence a microwave oven is a question for almost everyone. So, we have to find the answer to silence a microwave.


A microwave is an appliance that become more popular. You can say that this is the basic appliance of any home and kitchen. This is a very useful appliance so that we have done many tasks of our food related.

It’s a more important appliance these days, the microwave is the better and cheaper way than an induction stove or gas stove. You can defrost, reheat, bake and do many more jobs with the microwave to make your life easier.

This is the most valuable and essential appliance for the home and kitchen.

Sound Of Microwave

When you use the microwave it gives a beep sound always. When you press any button from the keypad, the beep sound can be heard. Usually, the beep continues for 5 seconds and when you open the door it stops.

When the cooking cycles are completed the microwave beep every few minutes later to remind you that you did not take over your meal. It always reminds you that you did not do any work still.

Reasons Of Beeping

When you use a microwave and found it beeping. Usually, people think that this is an indication of work done or completion of the cycle. But there are so many reasons that are why the microwave is beeping.

The microwave Door Is Not Closed Properly

The number 1 reason for the microwave beep sound is that the door of the microwave is not closed properly. Check the door why it is not closing and try to close it. If the door opens again automatically, it’s a fault that needs repair.

Contact your repair services because there are electromagnetic radiations that can cause harm, the door keeps these radiations inside the microwave.

Microwave Is Overheating

The microwave heats food by vibrating water molecules. This movement causes friction, which creates energy to heat up your food.

There are 2 main reasons to overheat the appliance.

  1. If your food does not contain water, there can be microwave overheating.
  2. Second, if you put a large amount of food into the microwave than its capacity, in the result your food would not heat up and maybe overheated.

Due to overheating the microwave started beeping. It’s a caution to avoid overloading or inadequate moisture. So, don’t overload your appliance and also keep the food in it that consists of suitable moisture.

The Timer Of Microwave

When you start a cycle microwave to heat food and do not set any timer, the beep sound starts to tell you that you did not set the timer yet. According to me, the beep sound is good. It alarms you to know how much time was required to cook and now your food is ready.

Otherwise, keep your food inside the microwave and forget then your food can overheat or burn.

Activation Of Child Lock

The child lock function prevents children and it’s a safety feature. When your microwave is beeping, check if the child lock feature is activated. You can “OFF” it through the menu or press the stop-reset button quickly 3 times.

How To Silence A Microwave
How To Silence A Microwave

Power Supply Defect

A microwave is an electric appliance that consists of electronic circuits that work with more sensitivity. If there is any fault/shortfall in the power supply, the microwave system turns “OFF” and starts a beep loudly.

If you heard like this, check power supply voltage is ok, the circuit breaker is on, or no blown fuses.

How To Stop Beep?

Here we will tell you how to silence a microwave. If you are a silent lover and always like peace to enjoy. If you want to “OFF” the beep sound of the microwave, you can silence the microwave beep after reading this article.

Infect, this setting is different in every model. Now follow the steps to learn to silence a microwave.

Press the sound button

(Breville microwaves)

Breville Microwave Microwave
How To Silence A Microwave

In the few microwave model, there is a sound button that controls sounds. Maybe you don’t focus/notice on keypad buttons before. There is probably a button that is only specified to control sounds.

Only need to press that button 1 time then the beep sound will silence. The beep will silence by pressing the “SOUND” or “MUTE” button after opening the microwave door. Then this button will activate the silence function.

Silence Mode Through Setting Menu

(LG microwaves)

LG Microwave
How To Silence A Microwave


To enter the sound control option, press the setting button. In the LG microwave, there is a keypad button that enters the setting option. This button control all the settings after entering in sound control press 1 or 2 to ON or OFF the beep sound.

Usually, this option is more common in the LG microwave.

Silence Mode Through Setting Menu (Panasonic microwaves)

The beep settings in panasonic microwave are a little bit different. There is a “Prog” button that covers the sound function. You have to press the “Prog” button it will enter settings. Then press “0” on display twice, and the beep sound will turn “OFF”. Now, press the “Prog” button again to save the changes in settings.

How To Silence A Microwave

Silence Mode Through Setting Menu (Breville microwaves)

The activation of silence mode in the Breville microwave is so simple. There is no need to change any settings. The volume key allows for controlling sounds. From there you can increase the volume by pressing the “up” key and decrease or totally mute the sound by pressing the “down” key.

By pressing numbers

  1. Maximum microwaves use a numbers key of “0,1, or 2” to sound control. This function can be activated by pressing these keys for 5 seconds. But you should open the door before then press any key. Now press the same button again and the silence mode activates. There may be any text display showing you are entered in silence mode now.
  2. Insignia microwave: in some insignia microwave models the “8” key is specified to sound off. There may be a speaker icon also with that number to show the button’s additional function.
    Insignia Microwave
    How To Silence A Microwave
  3. Whirlpool microwave: in whirlpool microwave some models the sound key is under the “2” button. Press the “clock” to enter the sound submenu and then “2” to turn off the sound.
  4. Some microwave number keys do not use. There is a “cancel” or “start” button to control sounds. Just open the microwave door and press the “cancel” or “start” button for 5 seconds.
  5. Frigidaire microwaves: in frigidaire microwaves, few models have the “start time” button available. You should press and hold that button for 6 seconds. You may hear a beep sound once to tell you that your microwave is entered into silence mode.

    FRIGIDAIRE Microwave
    How To Silence A Microwave
  6. Also, there are some microwaves are in the market, and their sound control can be done through the display menu. Simply, follow a few instructions and activate silence mode.

Open The Microwave Door When Cycle Is Continued

This is a trick to avoid the beep key. If you don’t want the beep to on or disturb someone sleeping near. Then this trick can work for you.

When your microwave cycle continues and is near to end. Open the door a few seconds before ending it. This will not allow the sound to be “ON”

Power off or unplug the appliance

If you are hearing a beep sound that is irregular or random. This is the signal or time to reset the appliance. To reset the appliance just power off the appliance or if possible unplug the appliance for up to half or 1 minute. The 1-minute stay will allow your appliance to reset.

Now power on again or plug in the appliance. Usually, this reset will solve many microwave problems. But again the beep sound is on and the problem still exists then contact to repair service for resolution.


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