Affiliate Disclosure

FTC disclosure rules

In 2015, the FTC issued new disclosure compliance rules.

These rules are formulated to let readers or online media viewers know whether a blogger or publisher is sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with another company. Link or product.

According to the FTC guidelines, please look forward to the following links and news on this website:

All links on are affiliate links, and I will charge a small fee for the sale of certain products.

What is an affiliate link?

The purchase was made on the website of a third-party affiliate. When readers click on an affiliate link on to purchase an item, they will purchase the item directly from the seller (not

Amazon pays a small commission or other compensation to attract customers to their website.

Whether readers buy from affiliate links or non-affiliated links, the price is exactly the same. Clicking on affiliate links and clicking on disconnected links will not change the visitor’s price or anything else. uses one main type of affiliate program:

1. Amazon affiliate link. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that provides website owners with the opportunity to earn rewards by linking to and affiliate websites and other websites. This may be part of an Amazon Service LLC affiliate program.

2. Affiliate links to the product.

When you click on the affiliate link on the product and purchase, I will get a certain percentage of sales or other compensation.

Similarly, when you use these affiliate links, the price is the same. If you click on the link, you will no longer be charged. These links are not pay-per-click links.

What about sponsored content?

I do not make sponsored posts, I want to provide reliable information. However, if a company wants to host sponsored content on, I will make it clear at the beginning of the post.

The bottom line is that I only recommend products that I use myself or products that I would recommend to family and friends.

Your purchase helped me support my research.

thank you very much! I’m grateful to you!